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07.02.2012Next Meeting

Tuesday 7 February 2012
7pm School Library


07.02.2012Next Event

Welcome BBQ
Friday 17 February 2012


07.02.2012 Upcoming Events

Election Day BBQ
Bunnings BBQ


07.02.2012 Positions Vacant

Uniform Shop Convenor
Class Liaison - Prep, Yr 3




Welcome to the Mary Immaculate Primary School Community

Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School is a community of children, families and staff that supports members to be the best we can be and achieve great things together. Through fidelity to the Catholic faith and the recognition of other faiths, we embrace our diversity and celebrate as a unified community.

When your child attends Mary Immaculate Primary School, you automatically become a member of the school’s P&F Association.

The association aims to provide an avenue for parents and supporters to work with the School Administration to further enhance our children's education; to maintain, care for and develop the school and grounds; and to promote the interests of the children and the school with consideration for the community.

This website aims to support the Mary Immaculate Primary School community by creating a place where Parents and Friends can visit online to find out what is going on and how they can help the school help their children by participating in events, supporting new ventures or donating time, items or money where appropriate.

Just as importantly, it provides a means for suggesting ideas and passing on concerns or comments to the P&F for further action and is an extension of the school’s current website.


Help your school
help your children.
Get Involved..

Attend/ Participate
Support/ Donate
Share ideas

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  Nobody can do everything .. but everybody can do something!

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